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27 Sep 2024 - 27 Sep 2024 Graz, Austria

European Researcher’s Night “Life is Science in a World Turned Upside Down”

The European Researcher’s Night has the motto “Life is Science in a World Turned Upside Down (LiS World)“.

Set for September 27th at the University of Graz and in collaboration with the Center for Chemistry Education, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, and renowned Science Communicator Bernhard Weingartner, this event underscores the indispensable role of science in deciphering and tackling the complexities of our current global context. As we strive to cultivate a more informed, sustainable, and scientifically literate society, we invite contributions of interactive hands-on stations starting in April. Save the date and seize the opportunity to engage with the wider public.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

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