05 May 2022 Updates

Commission proposes easier access to health data for research

On 3 May 2022, the European Commission presented a regulation to set up the European Health Data Space. The proposal aims to enable secure sharing of health data across the EU. In order to unleash the full potential of health data, the proposal is meant to support individuals to take control of their own health data, to support the use of health data for better healthcare delivery, better research, innovation and policy making, and to enable the EU to make full use of the potential offered by a safe and secure exchange, use and reuse of health data.

The Commission states that researchers would benefit from a more direct way of obtaining access to data within a trusted and secure framework. Further desired effects for researchers would be access to larger amounts of high-quality data and access to data in a more efficient and less expensive way, through a data access body that guarantees the privacy of patients.

For more information: European Health Data Space